Vicky Friedland Fashion 3.6: Vicky View

DJH S3E6: He Ain’t Heavy…
Aired: 1988

vicky 1.png

Your Vicky View today is white on white. Loving the cuffed mom pants and the oversized white tee.

2 thoughts on “Vicky Friedland Fashion 3.6: Vicky View

  1. Karryn Ransom

    THis is the greatest thing ever. I want to thank you for the incredible amount of work you’ve put into this page. I am Karryn and this was a huge thrill for me to see. A real trip down memory lane. Thanks so much. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. broomheadz Post author

      Ms. Ransom!!!! How did I not see this comment until now?! What an honor to have you visit my blog! Thank you so much! I do hope you clicked on vicky’s name in the “characters” tab and were able to see all the snaps I’ve gotten of you so far! Feel free to come back and visit, I haven’t even made it to DH yet!



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