Can I brag?

Okay y’all. I’m a little shook lately. Why don’t I try to compose a list of all the DJH/DH/DTNG cast members I can think of so far who have acknowledged, talked to, shared, or even just liked broomheadz content!? I am just… so humbled and excited about all the people I’ve interacted with, even in the most subtle way.

Dayo Ade (BLT Thomas)

Irene Courakos (Alexa Pappadopoulos)

Karryn Sheridan (Vicky Friedland)

Colleen Lam (Vivian Wong)

Craig Driscoll (Rick Munro)

Cassie Steele (Manny Santos) [though some people think she has some sort of a bot liking every #degrassi post? not sure how that works]

Rebecca Haines-Saah (Kathleen Mead)

Nicole Stoffman (Stephanie Kaye)

Daniel Kelly (Owen Milligan)

Lyle Lettau (Tristan Milligan) [literally on IG live, he said “Oh hey broomheadz, I’ve noticed you before.”]

Sam Earle (KC Guthrie)

Melissa DiMarco (Daphe Hatzilakos)

Dear Love (Shane Kippel/Spinner Mason’s BAND!)

Cute Whore (Lyle Lettau/Tristan Milligan & Olivia Scriven/Maya Matlin’s BAND!)

EDIT 9/29/17: Arlene Lott (Nancy Kramer) on IG

EDIT 4/19/18: George Chaker (Nick) commented, reposted, and followed!

EDIT 6/14/18: Christina Schmidt recently replied to my story mentioning her. I had seen her on TV doing some modeling, and she replied to me with some little heart emojis!

Also, when Andrea Lewis posted a picture of her and Christina, I mentioned my husband, and she liked my mention? Lol idk if that counts.

EDIT 9/11/2018: Annabelle Waugh (Dorothy) liked and commented on a picture I posted of her!

10/6/2018: Chrissa Erodotou (Diana) came by and commented on instagram!

That’s all I can think of. Maybe there was even more that I didn’t even notice, who knows? I am just so excited, I never thought this ridiculous tedious obsessive silly journey I began in Oct 2014 would put me in the eyes of some of the people who were actually involved in the show! The internet is a wonderful thing. I know, it’s not like THE Alexa is liking my photos, these characters aren’t real. But the actors devoted so much time and work, and really put a piece of themselves into these characters, so it’s still just as exciting that they stopped by broomheadz on one platform or another. Whew! My heart is all aflutter. Don’t ask me why I’m such a fool for Degrassi, but it sure has been fun! Thank you to everyone!!

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