It’s all been covered…


I started this blog in October 2014. Now it’s March 2019 and I am done covering the fashion from it all. It took me almost 4.5 years to cover 70 episodes and 1 movie. Wow, and what a trip it’s been! You guys on here, tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube have been so great! It can be lonely being the fan of a teenage Canadian edu-tainment show, but not anymore, thanks to the internet! Thank you all for being here for the poor quality of my unedited and blurry screenshots and my pedestrian descriptions of each ensemble, however boring. I am also shocked at the likes, comments, and messages from actual cast members – what an honor! I would include a picture of me smiling here, as though to say “thank you” but I don’t have one on hand and I’m not much of a selfie douche. This has been painstaking at times but I am proud that I was able to follow through. Oh yeah, and I do accept feedback if you have any suggestions for me and how I do things! I thought I was going to be mushier here. But anyway, broomheadz has been a big part of who I am. I work on it every day with little to no discussion about it with anyone in my real life. It’s so strange, most people don’t even know I do this. And if they do, they SERIOUSLY don’t care. Not like it’s an amazing thing to be doing – crazy, maybe. But anyway, I beam with pride on this day. I am a little sad, because DJH/DH is my favorite, but I am also very excited to get into DTNG, my first love.

A few notes:

-I have pulled off of tumblr because it was just more work on me that I don’t really feel rewarded by. I mean, it’s still sitting there, I’m just not adding to it.

-I am moving!!! We are going to continue this fashion journey by diving into the early 2000s with DTNG, so brace yourself. Find me at – I don’t know why I couldn’t just do “” like this one, but whatever. They are trying to make me pay. haha.

-This blog is not shut down. I hope to do some “where are they now” posts, a “best of / worst of” overview, and maybe further discussion. So I definitely will pop by from time to time.

-My instagram @broomheadz will remain the same.

-I am going to Degrassi Palooza in June 2019! Are you?

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