Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.4

Mercy Street

This whole us vs. Rick storyline is interesting because you don’t really know who the main force is here. I mean Emma seems to be the focus of this episode but she very quickly backs out of the war. Paige seems to be another focus, though we’ll understand she’s not the most aggressive in the bunch, she’s just the most affected perhaps.

On to the fashion – Paige is known to adventurously take on some of the strangest silhouettes of the 2000s. This first shirt is like, a pink cowl neck that hangs all the way down to the bellybutton. Shoutout to the casual khakis! Next is a pink ruffly blouse that ties at the waist. Also enjoy this pink holo messenger bag. Her hair has product piled on which adds a lot of texture – I don’t hate it. And her pants are kinda wide-legged, as they were back then. The next shirt – that green shirt. Wow, or is it a tunic? Regardless, it’s weird. It’s ruched and tight and baggy and short and long, everything all at once. Sadly it looks like something I would have worn, maybe to the bar in college. She also has a thick chain necklace and her signature “P” necklace. And the last outfit is an elasticized, peachy floral top that we only see in passing as Paige intentionally ignores Emma.


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