Erica Farrell Fashion 3.8: Erica Ensemble

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

This spread was one of the things I was looking forward to most in my broomheadz journey. The Erica date outfit. I really can’t get enough of the twins in black and white.

First, Erica wears this fluffy black button down with tiny white dots, and a checkered skirt, complete with a cute headband and checkered button earrings.

Next, she wears a floral polo with a grey skirt. And some crazy pom pom lookin dangly earrings.

Third is one of my favorite Erica outfits EVER. The DATE outfit. It’s this beautiful fluffy suit of black with white polka dots and a big old belt with some black flats. This ensemble is exquisite. I love it. I would wear this all the time.

Fourth you see a few shots of Erica dressed like Heather, but we’ll break it down when we get to the Heather post.

And finally, here’s a shot of those sexy bowling shoes, in case you ever wondered what Canadian 80s bowling shoes looked like.

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