Minor Character Fashion 4.2: Rando Review

DH S1E2: A New Start Part 2
Aired: 1989

First is this mean upperclassman girl who has a name, it’s Sara or something. She’s sporting a scrunchie, giant earrings, and a denim jacket, all fitting within the category of peach or coral.

Next we get to see a few protesters, just to give you a look at what the average Canadian urban protester looked like in the 80s. That creepy lady with the beret. So far, berets haven’t proven to be an indicator of anything good on Degrassi. Sorry, I hope I’m not ruffling any feathers of those who like that beret lady. Maybe someone does. I don’t think the writers wanted us to, but who knows!

Then the lady inside the clinic, man she just looks so peaceful. She is wearing a simple polka-dotted blouse.

Next is a random girl in the hallways. I mean, it MIGHT be Vicki but it’s hard to know for sure. She’s wearing these awesome white overalls with a pink tee.

And next up is a group of girls along the lockers. I can’t remember what they are doing but it doesn’t look nice.

And we close with another clinic lady who wears a gigantic shirt with a messed up collar. Did they not have measuring tapes or irons in the 80s?

(I’m just poking fun y’all. I love the 80s)

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