Minor Character Fashion 5.1

DH S2E1: Bad Blood Part 1
Aired: 1990

We got a pretty good spread of minor characters today! I know that some of these people have names. I have just decided to group these folks together for now. First, the car salesman who is working with Joey wears a suit. Next, a student in the halls wears a tee shirt under a pinkish sweater vest. Next, another random girl wears a pastelly plaid shirt. Then, we have a teacher in a like, super long, cardigan? I don’t know how you would describe that. Sorry, I’m not actually qualified to run a fashion blog. Next is a couple of shots of the SPED teachers wearing some terribly (wonderfully) 80s ensembles. Phew, we’re still going! Next is a mullet guy wearing rainbow shorts, heck yeah! Then, a couple of these upperclassmen girls demonstrating some nice casual 80s (90s) style – big shirts and mom jeans. Then, a guy in a blue polo.. And finally – this went on forever! I think this is the same teacher we saw shortly ago, wearing a yellow sweater and big earrings. With a sexual awareness kit. Hm.

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