Lucy Fernandez Fashion 5.5

DH S2E5: Body Politics
Aired: 1990

Heck yeah, it’s Lucy time! And she’s lookin fine as ever. First, she wears this amazing dress, its pattern a combination of florals and animal print. Also, her gym outfit is freaking cute – how can you slay so fashionably hard at volleyball practice? Idk, but Lucy does. Then, we see her filming a letter to LD on the bed, wearing that ClearTech shirt. Wait, maybe it doesn’t say ClearTech? I can’t remember. Anyway, I’m sure one of you Canadians can *CLEAR* that up for us! HAHAAHH! Okay, so moving on, for the great debate between girls and boys re: practice time, Lucy wears a pink tank, purple skirt, pink belt, and a green blazery thing. However, the green blazer doesn’t make it to the debate because it gets so heated she’s gotta lose it! And finally, it’s the next day, and Lucy is soaking in her defeat, but still looks fine, in this Kraft Dinner-colored skater dress (are you proud, my Canadian friends?) and a floral cardi. Seriously, I think this is one of Lucy’s best colors. And Bronco must agree, because he asks her to go to the dance with him, and she’s all, WHUUUUUUT?


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