Erica Farrell Fashion 5.9

DH S2E9: Extracurricular Activities
Aired: 1990

One reason I love this episode is that we get some twin time! Erica cracks me up too, because she hots herself up to sneak around the school in hopes to meet The Savages. Anyway, let’s rewind. For the first outfit: What a coincidence that Erica is suddenly displaying what a huge music fan and Savages fan she is on the day before The Savages come to school. Nevertheless, the outfit is impeccable – a black suspender skirt, a Savages tee, and emerald headband and earrings. The next outfit – “We’re not going to a night club, Erica!” – is the day they hope to run in to The Savages, so Erica upped her game even more than usual. She wears a black bell sleeve blouse, a grey skirt, and freaking panty hose. I think she wears black heels too, but I was unable to capture them.

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