Caitlin Ryan Fashion 5.10-11

DH S2E10-11: Showtime
Aired: 1991

I’m really not sure why I did not split up this two-parter, but I didn’t. So here is a TON of Caitlin all at once. I’m sure no one is mad about it. First up, is Caitlin in the PSA about suicide. She’s wearing the same thing she wore in her PSA about HIV I think. It’s an inside out pink t-shirt (again, don’t know why it’s inside out), with a ponytail and mom jeans. Next, she tries out for the talent show in a blue leotard and black leggings, and covers up with sweatpants when she’s off the stage. Then, she wears her floral skirt, with her usual combo of dusty pink and grey. After all the stuff goes down, Caitlin is forced to have Joey over to study. She wears a blue shirt with this rad corset-like belt, and a floral skirt. And finally – you thought her talent show audition outfit was great, her actual costume is a cute 20s girl look! I’ve also thrown in some PJs and a dream leotard. This concludes your Caitlin spread.

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