Robert Kerwin Fashion 1.8

Secrets and Lies

Mr. Kerwin the Family Abandoner shows up for once. He wears a lot of tan. Not a lot of color. And those tiny thin-rimmed sunglasses. Let’s break away from fashion for a moment and discuss Mr. Kerwin for a second. “I had to find myself Ash, even if it meant hurting you and your mother. It’s not wrong.” What do you guys think? I’m all for living your life for YOU, but at the same time, like, don’t make the initial commitment if you aren’t 100% in. Because like, a wife and child aren’t things you can just easily back out of. But like, I know people can change and evolve, but DAMN it’s just so cold to just say “I had to hurt you guys, for my own sake.” Idk idk y’all. I’ve never been a gay man in a hetero marriage so I can’t relate.

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