Paige Michalchuk 1.11

Friday Night

Wow, as soon as these photos came into view as I uploaded them to the blog I heard Paige in my head “…bargain basement nose job.” Her hair is slightly curled under and it’s cut in this tapered face framing way that looks cute but is actually quite annoying if you try to move your hair out of your way behind your shoulders, because it just falls back forward. She wears a royal blue ribbed 3/4 sleeve cropped shirt, and low rise jeans. You know, ever since the day I wore a blue shirt and blue jeans, and some dude told me I was wearing too much blue, I just can’t look at blue shirts with jeans the same way. It’s blowing my mind. Why are all our pants blue? Why BLUE jeans? Why weren’t they RED jeans or GREEN jeans? It’s a real question. Anyway, I threw in one more Paige outfit even though we don’t get a good look at it – but as always I’m trying to capture absolutely everything I can. Here she is sort of “cas” (casual) as they say – she’s in a grey zip up hoodie and a white tee.

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