Miscellaneous Fashion 1.12


So first is this babe that Toby is giving away some electronics to. I literally had a sweater just like this. Fleece was all the rage, and I think I actually had a couple of these fleece v-neck sweaters. Next I wanted to capture not only the flare jeans, but the way they are torn up at the bottom. That was inevitable because your pants had better be too long WAY before too short. Flooding pants was the ultimate laughing stock. Also note that the shoes, well, they’re not important. I remember there not being too much emphasis on shoes. Maybe that’s because we were all in middle school and to a certain degree had to work with what we could get. But you know, random chunky tennis shoes usually completed the outfit. I do have to give a shoutout to some of the shoes that would appear in the 2000s, such as Birkenstock clogs, Wallabies, and Sperrys. And skate shoes like Etnies or DCs. But if not any of those, tennis shoes sufficed. Next is a preview of possible cheerleading uniforms. And then a couple of group shots of onlookers. I see another v-neck fleece sweater, a hoodie, a visor, a chain, spiked hair, and a turtleneck, amongst other things.

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