Miscellaneous Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Aired: 2002

These are the random people and group shots of the episode. First we see a shot of baggy clothes in the classroom, including that boy’s pants that allow you to unzip the legs and turn the pants into shorts. Genius. Then we have an underclassman in the darkened gym dressing a little more like a 70s dance than an 80s dance, in this tie-up top and flare pants. Then we have these asshole DJs from the dance. This is a terrible shot because my original was corrupted and I had to go grab this one off the internet, but I’m like 90% sure this lady is wearing Terri’s PMS shirt, the glittery blue v-neck with those slit sleeves. And the dude is wearing Joey Jeremiah’s shirt from high school.

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