Toby Isaacs Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

Toby has got like, I don’t even know what to call this hair, it’s like, a faded bowl cut – and of course parted down the middle as always. I actually don’t hate it. I would like it more if it was 1995 right now. Anyway, this is the episode where he meets Kendra and falls in love. So, naturally, like Kendra, he is suddenly wearing t-shirts with crudely-hand-drawn-anime-reminiscent characters smacked on the front. I suppose this is “Ashu-Hara”. And, wow, wasn’t this at least over the course of two days instead of one? Maybe not. Anyway, he’s just wearing this shirt the whole time and later puts a plaid short sleeve over it.

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