Miscellaneous Fashion 2.6

Aired: 2002

Here we are today at the miscellaneous post – the post made up of group shots or random people who we won’t ever see again. First, Joey assists a gentleman in a powder blue jacket and long dreds, and other dude in a button down behind him. Craig assists a different guy, who’s wearing a pale button down and khakis. Next Joey rides off into the horizon towards his sexcation with a barely-legal exotic looking queen in a golden paisley-printed tank. All the boys shamelessly whistle at her and it’s so cringe. Next, we have two losers trying to win Kid Elrick tickets at the park. The radio girl is wearing like some kind of patchwork peasant blouse, along with patched jeans. The losers weat oversized button down short sleeve shirts. Then, these cops look scary af in these alien sunglasses – they look like straight up men in black.

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