Paige Michalchuk Fashion 2.7

Aired: 2002

As this is a Paige episode, and as Paige is a 2000s fashion queen, I’ve got a lot to show you today. This episode is a whopper but we’re going to try to keep it light, for the sake of fashion, despite the importance and gravity of this episode’s themes. We kick off with Paige in her cheer uniform and a curled ponytail. Then, this next ‘fit is one of my favorites. A white crocheted headband, blue shades, hoops, a baby blue cropped sleeveless polo with like, grommets along the neckline, and a denim miniskirt with yet more grommets. This is just elegant af. Next is the party outfit. She gets those tall strappy silver stilettos and wears an all brown getup – a brown off-the shoulder ruffly blouse and a brown pencil skirt, hair all done and everything. As iconic as the outfit is, it was hard to capture in the dark and crowded party. The next day, she wears MORE brown. These brown cropped pants have a shimmer to them, and the brown shirt is a 3/4 sleeve. She wears it all with black platforms, way before black + brown was considered acceptable. She really looks beautiful despite what she’s going through. And for some reason, this jarring all-brown-everything look is actually, pleasing to the eyes? Like a Hershey bar.

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