Emma Nelson Fashion 2.12

White Wedding, Part 1
Aired: 2002

Emma is already stressed enough on a daily basis, but this episode is EXTRA stress as she’s serving as the maid of honor for Spike’s wedding. She wakes up in a panic and throws on a white tank, jeans, and a blue patterned overshirt, which she hilariously doesn’t button up correctly. And this scene of her running barefoot down the hall, this is the first time I ever laid eyes on Emma Nelson or Degrassi. I felt something special. I felt genuineness. I felt… inclusion, if that makes sense. Anyway, next up is Emma getting her at-home perm by Spike. And as you see, it turns out to be a total disaster. What a long day this has been. And finally, she is wearing PJs with Manny for a little slumber party – a red and grey baseball tee, and good ol’ PJ pants. And, she’s off to go do something terrible, which we will get to in the next episode.


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