Daphne Hatzilakos Fashion 2.15

Hot for Teacher
Aired: 2003

Boy do we have some Hatzilakos content for you today, so prepare to get “hot and saucy” as the kids say. To kick off, she’s wearing black for like the first time ever. Her hair is big as ever, and she wears a half-length sleeve scoop neck black top with a floral black pencil skirt. Next we get a nice shot of her heels, which are worn with a slitted pencil skirt, and one of those nice tank+cardi sets in a pale pink. On the next day, after JT messed up big time, she wears a blue 3/4 sleeve collared sweater with black dress pants and a blazer. And finally she wears a blue button down, again in a 3/4 length sleeve. Do people still wear sleeves that length? I don’t notice sometimes when things fall out. I’m going to keep a look out.

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