Paige Michalchuk Fashion 3.7

 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Aired: 2003

So, I work with college students, Zoomers as I like to call them as I write this in 2020. I was telling them about how we used to wear khakis casually. Like, wear them to school with Converse and a tee and whatever. I recently noticed that people don’t do this anymore? So I was telling one of my Zoomers about it and she was baffled. In honor of that, I am establishing a new “trends” category on the blog format: “Casual Khakis”. (Unfortunately this means I now have to backtrack and tag all the other appearances of casual khakis.) Anyway, so Paige is first seen wearing her yarn-adorned jean jacket with khakis. Then we briefly see a brownish halter in MI. In the gym, she sees Craig singing to Ashley, and she wears some kind of blue tank. For her not-so-surprise party, she’s got a midi skirt and some clear heels, with a pink tube top and curled hair. I absolutely love this look on Paige. Crazy to think she’s got her life WAY more together right now than people like Ash or Manny. Also, I want you to notice that in Ashley’s house, there are always little red hankies thrown over the lamps. Watch for it, you’ll see it. Anywhere Ashley is trying to set a mood, there are hankies over lamps.


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