Alex Nunez Fashion 3.21

Our House

A new episode is already upon us. This is a fun one too, because we get to hang out with the baddies! And we kick off with Alex, one of my favorite characters ever. I love early Alex too, because she’s so intimidating and mysterious. We haven’t yet seen her living situation or her vulnerabilities. She’s got this stacked hair cut and wears a lot of plain tees, tanks, zip up hoodies, and hoop earrings. Also the headphones necklace. What are all these baddies listening to, anyway? Oh yeah, and get a load of these baggy khakis. YES. Okay, I do want to say that we see a little snippet of vulnerability when Alex is very upset about Amy passing out. I also think it’s kind of weird that like, the next school day Alex (Jay actually) is asking how Amy is? Come on. I think Alex would know. I really don’t believe Alex would avoid seeing Amy in the hospital or whatever.


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