Caitlin Ryan Fashion 3.22

The Power of Love

Wow, we’re at the end of season 3 already! Okay, I may finish this project one day after all! So in this finale, we get a lot of Caitlin. Oh lord, I feel SO bad for her sometimes. Caitlin really can break my heart, when her heart is broken (or about to be broken). So in this episode, Caitlin is once again, for the 50th time, trying to choose between her future and Joey. She finally decides she will resign to a life of Joey, wearing a shiny silky button down. I remember those shirts. I know just how it feels to wear one. Anyway, look at her little happy face sitting at her computer thinking everything is just going to be great? I feel so bad. Oh yeah, this has another 70s oversized collar that she wears with like, a plaid blazer or something. I also thought I’d snap a shot of the personalized hand towels she’s shopping for, because that’s kind of fashion too, right? Also, get a load of that 2000s sarcastic catch phrase sticker on her computer. Well, by the end here, she has reluctantly decided to choose her well-being INSTEAD of Joey, so she’s pictured in a trench coat, getting ready to set off, leaving Joey to awkwardly face cry.


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