Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.1

Ghost in the Machine

New year, new look, new Paige! First thing I notice in this season is that Paige’s hair routine has changed. It’s like she got some texturizing spray or something. The first outfit is worn at Joey’s car lot. It’s a blue track jacket over a black top, with casual khakis. Next, at the drive-in, she wears her famous yarn jacket. And then she’s helping Dylan move in in a soft pink track jacket, tennies, and let’s be real. These pants? They would NOT fly in 2004. They just wouldn’t. They’re too short to be pants, too long to be capris. Very dorky. Wardrobe department definitely got these at Value Village and I bet Lauren Collins didn’t even complain. Sometimes, Paige really is dressed awkwardly but her attitude makes it all seem so intentional, you know? That just goes to show that as long as you stand by what you wear, you can make anything look cool. And now, for the BACK TO SCHOOL outfit. She wears some kind of pointy-toe heel, flared jeans (cuffed as always), and a pink (tweed?) blazer with long pearls in TRUE 2000s fashion. She has a messenger bag AND a purse on her shoulder. Oh yeah, AND a chain belt!! Fantastic. And finally, her court outfit is a beautiful grey suit which I’d say is very timeless. She also wears a purpley-pink shirt under it. Apparently, Paige also started the “tiny purse” trend way back then. I want to say that’s a purse with all the “effs” she gives, but sadly she gives a lot of “effs” right now, understandably.


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