Emma Nelson Fashion 4.3

King of Pain

I recall someone, somewhere – I think it was Miriam herself – saying that these ‘fits, particularly the green one, are Lululemon. So use that information how you will. Ah yes, athleisure is creeping into our lives early. If only we would have known that soon, people everywhere would be going to sit-down restaurants in leggings and tennis shoes. First she’s in this powder-blue, fitted zip up hoodie over a white cami. And we have to talk about the hair. Not my favorite. The bangs are actually something I would have considered 90s bangs, ya know? Kinda thin, kinda long. I never really thought these were actually in style at the time she was wearing them. The next outfit is the green top & jacket set, which she wears with flare pants, and I believe Birkenstock clogs. These were also uncool by 2004, unless you were a hippie. She also is wearing her famous Che Guevara purse. In PE she wears a tiny green tank and little khaki shorts. And the final outfit is a tight blue tee with a tank peeking out, a jean skirt, and these cute shoes that look like Airwalks or Converse or something.


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