Rick Murray

Mercy Street

Oh, lame. I forgot we have to talk about Rick before we’re done with this episode. I have so many mixed feelings here. But what I will say is that 1) Rick should NOT be here, and 2) there is no reason why Rick would “like it at Degrassi”. The end.

His first fit is seen briefly, a checkered shirt open over a tee. Then, he enters school and has the audacity to say hey to all his old buddies. Oof. Gotta admit, he was ballsy. He really tried to play all this off, didn’t he? Relocate yourself Rick. Anyway, he wears these Airwalk-looking shoes, casual khakis, and an open plaid shirt over a tee. Also a messenger bag. Also his flowing hair and his round glasses.

Next he goes to The Dot and KEEPS saying hi to all the people who hate him, and he wears more of the same but with a grandfatherly zip up cardigan. He proceeds to get his glasses smashed and his gut punched, and returns to school in, well, more of the same again. Except for some substitute glasses from the 6th grade.


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