Toby Isaacs Fashion 4.4

Mercy Street

We conclude Mercy Street with poor, forgotten, cast-aside Toby. Nah actually he does play a small part here, helping JT with his penis. Also, in Season 4, Toby has debuted a new hairstyle – we didn’t get to see it well in the last post so here’s a better look – SPIKED HAIR! Good lord can we bring this back!? Actually, both of Toby’s hairstyles have been great imo. Toby hair appreciation moment!

First, Toby is of course swimming in a t-shirt. No shame of course but come on… does anyone actually WANT to wear a t-shirt over their bathing suit? He also has these sunglasses that look like the slick Oakleys we all coveted at the time. I myself had some Foakleys I bought off a dude on the street in Washington DC. Whatever it takes, right? Next, Toby is wearing skate shoes to gym, which is… a choice. Next he is JT’s penis assistant in this red tee, baggy pants, and the skate shoes. I just used to CRAVE those flat soles and thick tongues, man. I loved skate shoes. I unfortunately wore them an undeserving amount considering how little I skateboarded.

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