Rick Murray Fashion 4.7

Time Stands Still, Part 1

Yeouch, what a post to come back from vacation with. Sooo yeah, this is Rick before the world is changed forever. First he’s wearing a freaking beret – you may know how I feel about those – with a messenger bag and just a lot of grey. Again, STILL don’t know why he came back to Degrassi all hunky dory, and DO NOT know why he’s smiling right now. The fact he keeps crawling back to each new day thinking things are going to go differently astounds me. Next he’s in a tan shirt over a brown long sleeve and khakis. Hard to imagine he’s about to break.

Okay, and you know what? My fashion commentary is actually appropriate here because this suit, makes me feel. I don’t know WHAT it is about him getting dressed by his mommy in this oversized, clunky, boxy navy suit that makes me want to cry. No one else is dressing up for trivia night – but this is super important to Rick so he’s dressing for it like it’s freaking church. But, he doesn’t fit well into the suit. He doesn’t really have a sense of style. The suit is like, not cute – if I recall, no one would be wearing a navy suit about this time period. But, this was his dad’s suit so it’s extra special. Damn, which makes it hurt even more when the suit gets covered with paint. But let me back track and just say, when someone dresses up for anything, I just feel kind of sad. It’s their way of wearing on the outside how they feel about something on the inside. And aside from all of Rick’s problems, both in his brain and with his social existence, he was excited about trivia and put on this giant dorky suit expecting the best. Maybe that’s why dressing up gets me – they’re expecting the best, ya know? Dressing up looks like hope, like confidence. And to see it all come crashing down, is a little sad on almost anyone. I empathize with Rick, a LITTLE, but don’t excuse anything of course.


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