Toby Isaacs Fashion 4.8

Time Stands Still, Part 2

Poor Toby. I hate that we the audience never really get to explore inside Toby’s mind, ya know? Like we are hardly ever in his room. We never get to unpack his trauma. We never get to know his deepest feelings. He’s treated like a prop, even now, being so close to one of the most important storylines of the show. Justice for Tobs! He’s got his spiky hair, his rectangle glasses, and his sling from being beat up for being friends with Rick. Ugh! Also, why tf did Toby never like, get revenge on Spinner and Jay? At the very least like, I wish karma could have struck. Well, did it? I mean Spinner went through some terrible shit. But Toby still has more terribleness awaiting him so keeping karma score will be a task. Anyway, he wears red and an overshirt and, just.. poor Toby.


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