Daniel Raditch Fashion 4.13

Bark at the Moon

Wow… I wasn’t anticipating doing such a heavy post here and now. These are Raditch’s last moments at Degrassi. And unfortunately he kind of ducks out of the school and the show in a very anticlimactic way. But we have to acknowledge that this is the end of an era. Raditch has been with us since 1987. This is the beginning of the show phasing out the original characters. All things must come to an end. But my heart is tied so strongly to the original series, to our roots, to everyone and everything that inspired all of this. And although this TNG Raditch was not necessarily a “good person”, I believe that in DJH, he was. And we must give him credit there. It’s sad and a shame to see him not only leave the school, but leave on kind of bad terms. Sure, one could say his character brought it on himself. But it’s still bittersweet. He leaves… Caitlin leaves.. Joey leaves… Spike leaves… we don’t get any more surprise visits from anyone… and the kids forget there was ever an OG crew. Oh, except Snake. Snake stays forever.

Anyway, Raditch wears a suit like always, representing the fact that we never really got to know the true him. And he’s trying to act happy but really, he’s pissed. Goodbye Raditch, we hardly knew ye.

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