Emma Nelson Fashion 4.15

Secret, Part 2

Aaaand here’s Emma, the star of the show!!! Everyone open wide and show your appreciation! I actually think her acting here is subtle but you can see the transformation. She still looks dead behind the eyes but has this new smugness, this new confidence about her. First she’s wearing all-tight-everything as we did back then. Tight ponytail, tight shirt layered over another tight shirt, and tight low-rise pants. She’s also carrying her signature bag. Her costume in the play looks beautiful – that red dress with black detail! Oh yeah, and I got a shot of the bracelets. Idk if I said this already, but it would have been cool if there was like, more awareness of these bracelets and what they mean. It seems that only a small circle of ravine-dwellers are even aware of this form of communication. Next outfit is a khaki skirt, a peachy tank, and the first inkling of gonorrhea symptoms. Oh yeah, and Emma has one of those loopy ponytails! And lastly, Emma is in her PJs – man, this family really loves Old Navy – and cries REAL tears becaaaaause she thinks she has an STI.


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