Chantay Black Fashion 4.18

Modern Love

I honestly am surprised this is the FIRST appearance of Chantay, the girl who goes to Degrassi for 10 years! She really came in with a bang, ya know? You’d think she’d become more of a main character, or at least a long-term member of this little group that forms for this episode only. But no, she kinda falls to the side, despite ALWAYS being there. First off, we see her scowling in her Spirit Squad uniform. Then she’s in this brown and yellow diagonal color block shirt with ties at the shoulders. Next she’s at Emma’s for a spa day, wearing a purple robe. But when she finds out heartthrob Chester lives nextdoor, she quickly dons a khaki pencil skirt and yellow Lululemon looking top set. A final wardrobe change puts her in a black getup since the girls are going all ninja to sneak 20 feet to the right to prank Chester’s house.

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