Emma Nelson Fashion 4.18

Bark at the Moon

Emma is all recovered from her gonorrhea, but the reputation lives on. She looks really pretty here in class wearing some layered tanks and a skirt. Chris insults her, and then outside, she really truly does look upset. She wears a khaki jacket and looks freaking exhausted. Next we get a closeup of the toes – which is here because nail polish IS fashion, right? And she wears a pink robe, then a large white shirt for tie-dying. Wait, why are we tie-dying in white? Whatever. She’s also got on khaki capris. For ninja night she wears some dark athleisure. And finally, it’s practically all-khaki-everything with this jacket, skirt, and tan shoes. The dynamic between her and Chester was interesting. I love how she was so unintimidated by him, wish we could have seen more.


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