Hazel Aden Fashion 4.20

West End Girls

Although Hazel doesn’t really have a big part in this episode, it IS one of her better moments throughout the show. First she wears this New York zip up jacket with her cross body bag, and she’s kinda trying to feed Manny tips on how to reconcile with Paige. Then she’s seen in Pretty Pretty Pretty, isn’t that the name of the store? And I don’t know if she’s trying dresses on, or if she’s really wearing this halter with her bra straps hanging out. Then she’s seen in her Spirit Squad uniform, and finally, I don’t know why she wears all black to the dance. Wonder if Paige “made” her. Also would like to take a moment for Hazel’s eyebrow game. Skinny and sharp, I always love when the brows are so skinny you can see the brow muscle underneath, you know what I mean? Oh yeah and this is where Hazel TELLS PAIGE OFF! Just this once. And it’s great.


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