Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.20

West End Girls

West End Girls being the Manny vs. Paige episode means we get a good helping of Paige. And Paige in pink is just me favorite! First she’s seen at Spirit Squad, forgetting the dance routine. Notice her super grunge-looking eye makeup. I guess it’s better likened to raccoon eyes given the era though. Next she’s seen at the store Pretty Pretty Pretty or whatever, trying on that gorgeous dress with her big black bra straps hanging out. I’ll say it again, this cropped length is a really weird pairing with a dropped waist. Next we see her with Matt wearing a very Paige-y top, silver jewelry, and frosty makeup. And even with a broken leg, Paige won’t miss that dance. She clomps on in, corsage in her boot, raging on pain killers. She wears a cute pink furry bolero with the dress, and one strappy pink heel.


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