Emma Nelson Fashion 5.2

Venus Part 2

Our BABE of Season 5 is back! Okay, tbh there are many babes in S5. But I just love Emma’s era here. Her hair is bouncy; she’s out of those 90s bangs and excessive athleisure wear. First she’s in her PJs which consist of a spaghetti strap tank and PJ pants. Then she wears a white v-neck layered over a cami, with a shell necklace. Her style so interestingly conveys “yeah I’m a hottie but I also love the environment.” Maybe it’s all the earth tones. Speaking of earth tones, the next ‘fit is this sweater that ombre transitions from beige to brown, paired with brown pants. This is where she condemns Manny. But as we can see, that doesn’t last long because here they are the next day holding hands at school. Oh lord, the chest ruffles on this shirt. Not to blog but I was the QUEEN of chest ruffles in college in the late 2000s. Emma makes it boho by adding this leather tie belt to her low-rise jeans.


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