Darcy Edwards Fashion 5.4


I love Darcy and I’m very thankful that we are in a Darcy-heavy season! Don’t get me wrong, she’s totally cringe. Like, Christians can listen to Missy Elliot and make fart jokes too, yo! It’s just terrible. She displays such ignorance yet some wisdom every now and then. I guess I like her for her cluelessness and her hair extensions.

First she wears a 3/4 sleeve zip up hoodie and she rocks a deep side part with side bangs. Also low rise jeans because, what else is there? -It’s 2005! She is also sporting her famous green bag and a blue necklace. Next we get to see her in her spirit squad uniform. The next fit is yet another zip up hoodie over a peachy shirt. I guess they’re trying to show how casual a nice Christian girl can dress. Unlike her SISTER. The next outfit is a checkered blue shirt under a blue overshirt.


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