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Shane McKay Fashion 4.14: Shane Show

DH S1E14: It Creeps!
Aired: 1990

Wow, Shane’s back!!! It’s such a treat to have him back here on broomheadz. Unfortunately, the circumstances aren’t ideal since he suffered a brain injury and is having to manage a new type of life. His friends aren’t really sure how to interact with him, but I do commend Luke for trying to be his partner when he visits the school. When we left off with Shane, he was wearing a lot of tie dye. Now he’s in a dad sweater and a pistachio-colored jacket. I swear, this Shane story really gets to me. I mean, it’s just, NOT happy. And it never gets happy. And that’s just, all there is to it.

Shane McKay Fashion 3.16: Shane Show

DJH S3E16: Bye-Bye, Junior High!
Aired: 1989

Omg!! We haven’t seen Shane for 5 episodes! But he’s back. How incredible that we can’t even begin to know yet what’s really going on with him. Even though he doesn’t look happy, I’m glad he’s made it to the dance, and not lookin too shabby either, in his sweater and khakis!