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Melanda Fashion 3.9

 Against All Odds
Aired: 2003

So this is Chris’s girlfriend Melanda, who up until this day I thought was spelled “Malanda”. Anyway, apparently she’s a total b-word from the looks and sounds of it. But hey, Chris is awfully friendly to any girl that walks by. She’s wearing a red one-shoulder dress (or top) and has her hair pulled half back. Sorry for everything, Melanda.

Diana Economopoulos Fashion 5.7

DH S2E7: The All-Nighter
Aired: 1990

First, Diana wears this greyish blueish top with her hair down. Next is a blue and yellow checkered top with yellow hoops. She gets high as a kite in her pink pajamas, and then the next school day talks about how she didn’t feel a thing. But she looks super cute in this last outfit, a pink skirt and a floral top.