Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 3.8: Alexa Adoration

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

alexa-1 alexa-2

Alright y’all, we made it to episode 10 of season 3! Star-Crossed is one of my favorite episodes. We kick it off with Alexa, who is wearing brighter colors than normal. She hops on the bus to Borden in a turquoise shirt under a floral cardi (one which we have seen others wearing before, like Michelle!) with some white pants and statement earrings.



And then she’s toned it back down again, with this tan trenchcoat and brown pants. Also, she wears a basket bag, which has been pointed out to me by Colleen Lam (Vivian Wong) as being very popular in those days.

alexa-6 alexa-10alexa-7alexa-8alexa-9

Dude. Shoulderpads. Shoulderpads. And also this is a neckline I’ve been observing at the thrift stores lately. I think Alexa looks really cute in this headband and giant pearl earrings. And of course, the dark green pants are rad.

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