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Miscellaneous Fashion 4.7

Time Stands Still, Part 1

Random person roundup! Okay, first is Joey’s realtor who, honestly, dresses nothing like anyone we’ve seen on the show. I guess she dresses like the 80s tbh. A shoulderpadded suit, a neck scarf, and big hair. She seems nice enough but she and Joey were really not meshing. Next is this Quest for the Best host — lol wait, I think this is called Whack Your Brain. Come on, seriously, could they not give us ONE little nod to the original?! Sheesh. Anyway, his suit is ALL brown. Then an array of students in the audience, wearing things like puka shells, track jackets, and spiked hair.


JT Yorke Fashion 2.12

White Wedding, Part 1
Aired: 2002

JT is dressed awesomely as usual. A yellow tee, an orange and yellow overshirt, and some rusty red pants. He accessorizes with a necklace, a blue cap, and these awesome shades. Then it’s like a flashback to the 80s dance. JT is dressed in his finest yellow shoulderpadded blazer in hopes of meeting Fancy the stripper.

Toby Isaacs Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Aired: 2002

toby 1

We wrap up the 80s dance episode with Toby, sporting a shoulderpadded blue blazer with the sleeves cuffed, those plastic glasses, and his hair slicked back.

Manny Santos Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Manny wears a zip up hoodie, messenger bag, plain tee, ponytail, and flare jeans with tennis shoes. And then for the dance – the grade 9 dance which these girls decide to sneak into, Manny dresses as Molly Ringwald or something. She’s got on like, a … garden hat (I just made that up) with a dusty pink, shoulderpadded blazer, a floral vest,  and a magenta skirt, all of which could have come out of the wardrobe of DJH or DH. And she was being such a good little sidekick until Sid found out he prefers Molly over Cyndi.


Amy & Allison Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

Amy and Allison make a final appearance (actually, we do get to catch up with Allison one more time) and they are just living it up! The style has definitely shifted and we are definitely in the 90s. Allison wears dangly earrings and floral dress with shoulderpads, and for the big party she wears a floral t-shirt and green shorts. Amy wears a pretty sundress and for the party dons a tee and shorts. And of course they get wasted and almost die.

Ms. Accette Fashion 4.3: Mommy Module

DH S1E3: Breaking up is Hard to Do
Aired: 1989

I’m not sure what I think of Michelle’s mom. What do you guys think? Well, I guess she had to do what was best for HER. Even if that meant it wasn’t the best for her kid. She’s got a nice fluffy perm complete with curly bangs – I wanna say that makes it a mullet, but I’m not sure it qualifies. Anyway, we get to see her in some shoulderpads and suits with some bulky jewelry. I guess good by her for gettin up on outta there!

Karen Avery Fashion 3.9: Avery Attire

DJH S3E9: Food for Thought
Aired: 1989


Ms. Avery’s outfit is just beautiful today! She rocks the pink suit with a white scarf, a pearl necklace,  white belt, and she’s having an especially good hair day. A+ from the broomheadz curator. It’s almost like what an adult Stephanie Kaye might wear.

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 3.8: Alexa Adoration

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

alexa-1 alexa-2

Alright y’all, we made it to episode 10 of season 3! Star-Crossed is one of my favorite episodes. We kick it off with Alexa, who is wearing brighter colors than normal. She hops on the bus to Borden in a turquoise shirt under a floral cardi (one which we have seen others wearing before, like Michelle!) with some white pants and statement earrings.



And then she’s toned it back down again, with this tan trenchcoat and brown pants. Also, she wears a basket bag, which has been pointed out to me by Colleen Lam (Vivian Wong) as being very popular in those days.

alexa-6 alexa-10alexa-7alexa-8alexa-9

Dude. Shoulderpads. Shoulderpads. And also this is a neckline I’ve been observing at the thrift stores lately. I think Alexa looks really cute in this headband and giant pearl earrings. And of course, the dark green pants are rad.