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Caroline Nash Fashion 3.8

 Whisper to a Scream
Aired: 2003

Oof, Ellie’s mom. Sorry but I think we can all agree, she’s a total b-word, and the alcoholism is not to blame for that. She just is. I find her terrifying. She definitely dresses in a way that shows she may possibly care what other people think, and it’s demonstrated when she tells Ellie not to make a scene, and smile, during Colonel’s farewell. Despite her pearls, blouses, and shades of pink, we can still see she’s a hot mess.


Melanie Brodie Fashion 4.8: Melanie Moment

DH S1E8: Little White Lies
Aired: 1989

Melanie shamelessly dresses like a full on 1950’s woman. It’s not even subtle. It’s just BAM in your face let’s go to the sock hop. Honestly those scarf-tied side ponytails kind of get on my nerves, but I’m trying to appreciate. She definitely delivers variety to DH. First, we have a light blue cardi, pearls, a freakin hot pink hair scarf, and a floral skirt. Then we do see her wearing a floral top from junior high. Then for the party, Melanie gets a little wild, ditching the cardis and exposing her arms. And finally, just a green patterned shirt, a blue pencil skirt, and a mad hangover. (It always annoyed me how she had to make a point “I am never drinking again, I felt SO BAD on Saturday.” Like, yeah, yeah, writers, we get it, drinking is bad.)

Karen Avery Fashion 3.9: Avery Attire

DJH S3E9: Food for Thought
Aired: 1989


Ms. Avery’s outfit is just beautiful today! She rocks the pink suit with a white scarf, a pearl necklace,  white belt, and she’s having an especially good hair day. A+ from the broomheadz curator. It’s almost like what an adult Stephanie Kaye might wear.

Caitlin Ryan Fashion 3.5

DJH S3E5: Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Aired: 1988

Aw, this episode is so sad. I really do feel for Caitlin when Joey just stomps on her heart without even knowing he did it.

Caitlin 1 caitlin 2 caitlin 3

Caitlin is wearing a bright ensemble of blue and yellow: yellow skirt and belt with a sky blue tee. She accessorizes with an airplane broach, channeling her inner  flight attendant.

caitlin 4caitlin 5caitlin 6

I adore these mom jeans with a peachy oversized tee and cutoff sleeves. I have just noticed that I think she’s wearing an ankh necklace… If that in fact is an ankh, then that’s quite possibly the necklace we even see her wearing on into Degrassi High!

caitlin 7caitlin 8

I also don’t know if I’ve taken a moment to talk about Caitlin’s hair. I love that blond streak that almost gives the half-n-half effect that I love so much. Here are a couple of shots of Caitlin daydreaming about being Joey’s date, considering some gigantic fake pearls.

caitlin 9

And here’s Caitlin in a dress she tries on for the dance but ultimately decides against. I mean, she doesn’t want to look like she’s trying too hard. Still, I love all the tulle and the blue, complete with little kitten heels.

caitlin 10 caitlin 11 caitlin 12 caitlin 13 caitlin 14

For the dance, Caitlin decided on a pink tube top, black corset belt, black pencil skirt, fluffy black sweater, an updo, and silver jewelry. She tried really hard and she looks great. Joey was just too blind!

caitlin 15

I love this ensemble because it looks so comfortable: taupey combo of striped tee and solid shorts, complete with a brown belt. I’m not sure what you call this kind of shorts. I would just call them flowy mom shorts?

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

Steph seems to have combined her bombshell look with the “more mature” evolution. We will call it sexy professional. Or professional sexy. Business sexy.

steph 2 steph 3 steph 4 steph 5

Steph’s in her all-pink suit, with her signature butterfly belt, tons of pearls, and a royal blue sweetheart tube top. Not as much skin showing, but still a definite show-stopper.

steph 6 steph 7

Here, Steph goes with the usual tube top mini skirt recipe, but to tone it down she’s thrown on this big old floral sweater which I am fairly certain I’ve seen Michelle wear also.

steph 8 steph 0

And for the dance: not as skankalicious as the “old” Steph might’ve been, but still with the usual flair we would hope to expect from Stephanie Kaye. She has a red sequined tuve top that is just lovely, with a dark skirt, and finally, the “sparkly pink thing” as it’s affectionately known as in some circles, with, of course – pearls!

Erica Farrell Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

erica 1 erica 2

Holy crap. I think this shirt might have David Bowie’s face on it? Anyone? For those of you reading this way in the future.

I believe she wore this shirt before and I was unable to make it out. It still fits the monochromatic bill, and looks really cute with a grey headband.

erica 3 erica 4

So 80s chic. I love the black and white checkered blazer and the white turtleneck, with black bottoms and rolling eyes.

erica 5 erica 6 erica 7

And this dress again! ❤ I adore this getup. This is exactly what my soul longs for when I’m watching anything from the 80s: the 80s school dance dress. We are so fortunate to be able to have a better look at this white off-the shoulder dress with a v-shaped waistline and lace skirt. I can almost feel the fabric – it looks so soft! She’s accessorized with one dangly earring, loads of pearls, and a black belt. And it looks like someone bought her a corsage!;)

Karen Avery Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

avery 2 avery 3

Avery is elegant as always with a half-pony, a grey blouse, and big pearls.

avery 1

Another way to wear the giant pink shoulderpadded dress – with a long fringey necklace.

avery 4

And this is Avery’s go-to dance outfit. You may remember this blue floral dress at another dance before. The sweet updo makes it all a bit more formal.

Minor Character Fashion 2.12

DJH S2E12: He’s Back…
Aired: 1988

rando 1.png

Dang, I’m sure by now that this lady’ character has to have a name. I’ve got to do some digging. This unsuspecting library lady enjoys Colby’s creepy company while wearing a crisp white sweater, a grey plaid skirt, and pearl accessories.