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Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

Steph seems to have combined her bombshell look with the “more mature” evolution. We will call it sexy professional. Or professional sexy. Business sexy.

steph 2 steph 3 steph 4 steph 5

Steph’s in her all-pink suit, with her signature butterfly belt, tons of pearls, and a royal blue sweetheart tube top. Not as much skin showing, but still a definite show-stopper.

steph 6 steph 7

Here, Steph goes with the usual tube top mini skirt recipe, but to tone it down she’s thrown on this big old floral sweater which I am fairly certain I’ve seen Michelle wear also.

steph 8 steph 0

And for the dance: not as skankalicious as the “old” Steph might’ve been, but still with the usual flair we would hope to expect from Stephanie Kaye. She has a red sequined tuve top that is just lovely, with a dark skirt, and finally, the “sparkly pink thing” as it’s affectionately known as in some circles, with, of course – pearls!

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 2.1

DJH S2E1: Eggbert
Airdate: 1988

HEY EVERYONE, WE COMPLETED SEASON 1!! Let Season 2 commence: Get ready for clearer pictures, better lighting, and better clothes!

And it’s Alexa time. Thankfully we get tons of Alexa this episode – and better yet, Alexa gets Steph’s whore clothes!

Alexa 1 Alexa 2 Alexa 3

As she stumbles upon the Stephanie Kaye Second Hand Store, Alexa is wearing a navy sweater, with a blue paisley bandanna around her neck, and a white peasant skirt.. with POCKETS!

Alexa 4 Alexa 5 Alexa 6 Alexa Simon

It’s her first day in her new clothes, and already Alexa is making waves. Stephanie is jealous, and Simon is interested. You know, I feel like Alexa didn’t hit a “10” on the Skank-O-Meter because she didn’t tease her hair really big.

Alexa 7 Alexa 8 Alexa 9 Alexa 10 Alexa 11  Alexa Steph Simon

For Lucy’s party, Alexa spices up her outfit by switching the mini skirt for the hot pink leggings, and as it’s so lovingly called by my friend, “the pink sparkly thing”. It appears she has experimented with teasing her hair tonight too! I know I screenshotted this a million times, but I really wanted to capture the essence of the ensemble as best I could.

From this night, and Alexa’s tactics, we can all learn a valuable lesson: Dressing like a skank will attract a good, solid, loyal boyfriend who will later become your husband and result in happily ever after. And from Stephanie, we can learn that deciding to dress modestly will result in dissatisfaction with life, and suicidal thoughts. But more on that later.