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Craig Manning Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

I know, right? Where’s the thong already? Sheesh. However, it is worth examining the fact that Craig is FINALLY dressing a bit more interestingly. Kinda like, a low-effort rocker guy. First he wears a floppy jean jacket over a sleeveless tee. Note the baggy(ish) jeans and Chuck Taylor Converse. Then we wears an “I Mother Earth” band tee. Which apparently is a Canadian rock band. And finally he’s in a green tee and just, more saggy baggy pants. But be glad there’s no more brown shirts and that yellow camera strap. Unfortunately we don’t get rid of the confused look in his eyes. No, it only gets worse. (See: Season 3. Hang on tight.)

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.21

Tears are Not Enough, Part 1
Aired: 2003

Marco is wearing a yellow, blue, and brown plaid button down with jeans that are probably flares. I also captured a peep at that cartilage piercing.

Miscellaneous Fashion 2.12

White Wedding, Part 1
Aired: 2002

Here are the random people from the episode! First is the strip club bouncer, who I must say was fantastically cast. He’s so gruff and scary but the only fashion content we get from him is this cool biker mustache. Next is the cake delivery lady who I find scary because she’s randomly yelling about something for no apparent reason. For some reason her outfit looks like she’s ready to garden. Denim bucket hat, and denim jacket. Next is some dude who comes to Snake’s stag party. I wish he was like, someone from high school, but he seems to just be a rando. And he’s literally wearing all khaki. Someone should have turned him away at the door. And finally is the mariachi band looking sleek in all white getups; nonetheless, Spike threatens to murder them.

Jimmy Brooks Fashion 2.1

When Doves Cry

Jimmy is… what is he doing here? OH yeah. He’s staring down Sean, who has  befriended the new kid, Craig. I think Jimmy’s trying to determine what to make off this budding camaraderie. He’s wearing a DC Shoes tee, and his stylist has tucked some sleek warm sunglasses into his collar because I know Jimmy wouldn’t pick those out.

Jimmy Brooks Fashion 1.7

Basketball Diaries

First, Jimmy is wrapping up basketball practice. Then he gets grilled by Ms. Kwan while wearing a light grey hoodie and his A&J chain. Then we’re back at basketball practice in the grey tee, and baggy blue basketball shorts. And if you don’t remember, this is the episode where Jimmy can’t balance school and basketball, so he takes Spinner’s Ritalin and pushes Sean down during an exhibition game. So the final outfit is a black sweater over a white tee, and that last face is after he gets cut from the team.

Vivian Wong Fashion 5.6

DH S2E6: Crossed Wires
Aired: 1990

vivian 1

I didn’t want to chop up this picture because we would just be left with tiny pixelated square with Vivian in it. So instead I left her here in the background, a witness to Tim getting screamed at by Liz, wearing a lilac tee.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 5.3

DH S2E3: Loyalties
Aired: 1990

We conclude this episode with some pretty good Wheels shots, but of course, his fashion is nothing new for us.

Maya Goldberg Fashion 4.11: Maya Magic

DH S1E11: All in a Good Cause
Aired: 1990

Haha, all I can think about is Maya constantly getting on to Caitlin, and in this episode it’s because Caitlin is supposed to be focused on UNICEF but instead she’s focused on People for Peace. Anyway, Maya wears this amazing sweater with legit giant pom poms attached all over it. Then of course for that sexy sunshiney carwash hosted by DH, she dons a rain jacket. And we see one other outfit, some jeans and a Kraft Dinner-colored sweater, with one of those huge hairbows Maya sometimes wears which I LOVE.

Erica Farrell Fashion 3.16: Erica Ensembles

DJH S3E16: Bye-Bye, Junior High!
Aired: 1989


First, I can’t quite tell what Erica’s got going on here. It’s almost like some shortalls over some checkered pants? and then a white sweater. Rock it, Erica! Then for the dance she wears a black lace dress over a layer of beige, a black belt, and black hose.