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Craig Manning Fashion 4.15

Secret, Part 2

Craig time! His “secret” is no longer part of the story. Now it’s all about bustin Jimmy outta the hospital to go to a Kid Elrick show. First he’s seen in normal Craig attire – a graphic tee, jeans, and a leather jacket. Then, enjoy this DISGUISE he puts on to make the hospital front desk feel utterly threatened – damn that seems illegal. But yeah the trench and fedora are classic. And finally, he wears this Kid Elrick shirt. I wish I had one of those. Doesn’t The Kid seem… like, not Craig’s style?

Ellie Nash Fashion 3.17

Don’t Dream it’s Over

Today I deliver to you loads of Ellie in one of her best fashion phases! So this is the episode where she’s a new girlfriend but doesn’t quite understand that being a girlfriend involves spending some alone time with the boyfriend. So let’s break down these ‘fits, shall we?

First, we have the FAMOUS Ellie side-pony for this entire episode. The first outfit is a black tank layered over black long sleeves, and accessorized with a statement belt and lots of spiky jewelry. I swear, this was my absolute dream wardrobe in high school. I didn’t quite have the resources to accomplish exactly that look but this is right up my alley. I forgot what the skirt is made of but it looks like tulle. I also got a shot of the back of her hair which features some braiding. I wonder if Ellie did that herself? Cuz we know her momma didn’t.

For the date, she wears an elegant long trench coat over a red blouse. The next fit is a zip up hoodie and some camo, over which we are again blessed with that trench. We also see the famous Ellie wedge boots. I swear, she is such a fashionista, I actually think it’s strange no one ever comments on her wardrobe.

And lastly, I just realized that the final outfit is… the same as the first outfit!

Fancy Fashion 2.13

White Wedding, Part 2
Aired: 2002

Well this is fun! Here’s Fancy the Stripper’s ensembles to spice things up for us. She crashes the stag party with hair to the sky, black tights and some fierce black stilettos, hiding under a tan trenchcoat. She drops it on the floor to reveal a deep red spagetti strap top and mini skirt, featuring that same straight/square neckline, and a pink feather boa. Isn’t it kind of gross that Mr. Raditch is there? Then she shows up at the wedding in like, a tan?  I don’t even know what color this is.. curvaceous dress with a red shawl, and her her in an updo. It was fun having Fancy around for an episode, but now we must say farewell! Oh yeah, her real name is Connie, but who cares?

Ms. Jeremiah Fashion 3.13: Mommy Module

DJH S3E13: Making Whoopee
Aired: 1989

Joey’s mom is just lookin’ like an 80s urban professional woman for Parents Night with a long trenchcoat kinda jacket.