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Ellie Nash Fashion 3.15

Accidents Will Happen Part 2

Ellie wears her hair pulled half up, lots of jewelry, and a strange combo today. A greenish plaid dress, mesh sleeves, and red and black arm warmers. Must be laundry day.

Ellie Nash Fashion 3.12

Holiday Part 2

Ellie is seen looking surprisingly festive for a brief moment at the Christmas talent show thing. Atop her usual attrite of spikes, black, and chokers, she wears a Santa hat.

Ellie Nash Fashion 3.9

 Against All Odds
Aired: 2003

Pictures you can hear – “I packed too much. I always pack too much.” Ellie wears her famous side pony, that red cutoff tee that I always think is a New Balance shirt, and long sleeves underneath, with a pencil skirt and leggings.

Ellie Nash Fashion 3.8

 Whisper to a Scream
Aired: 2003

Wow, this may be the most images I’ve ever included in one post. But, this is an Ellie episode, and I’m a sucker for Ellie fashion, so we’re doing this! This episode is really heavy material but we are just going to “skirt” around that and talk about fashion only, okay?

Ellie is known for combining various elements together and putting an edgy twist on them. So first we have a lace shirt under a leather vest, paired with arm warmers and a choker that feature pink detailing. And her braids will be an Ellie staple for a while. Honestly this ‘fit is a little clumsy to me and doesn’t quite work.

Next up, is an Ellie ‘fit for the ages. The white 3/4 sleeve tee with splits and buckle detailing. This is 100% something I would have worn, not that anyone’s asking. She accessorizes with spiky, chainy, chokery necklaces. She wears a red plaid pleated skirt that has some kind of suspender or strap hanging off. We also have fishnets and these amazing chunky wedge boots. It’s an amazing look and a real shame that Paige spilt something on it. She dons a big yellow raincoat for her interview with Caitlin.

Next, a brief glimpse of casual Ellie in a PJ shirt. And at school, another ensemble I love to worship. More chunky boots. Black leggings. Mesh. And a piece that I’m like 90% sure is by Tripp NYC.

Next, that white and bloody shirt over a black long sleeve with exposed seams of green. And then… AAAAH the red and black stripes, just soooo 2000s mall goth and I am living. We see a couple more outfits very briefly just to show that time is passing. So let’s skip ahead to…

The camo outfit. Cargo skirt. Grommet belt. Camo vest. Black long sleeve and arm warmers. Again, quite strange, but somehow, I’d like to say that this one works. Also featuring Ellie’s backpack which is not alt-looking at all.

Ellie Nash Fashion 3.4

Aired: 2003

When I think of Ellie, my first thought is usually referencing her in this episode. For two reasons: 1, her style is iconic here on this day. And 2, I completely relate to the way she feels here in this episode. It’s almost, potentially, social anxiety. I mean, I know the script probably intends for us to think she’s just all bent out of shape over Marco. But I see more than just that. I see a girl who blatantly doesn’t fit in. A girl who questions her outfit as soon as she steps outside and sees the people she’s with. A girl who wants to have fun but doesn’t know how, like she can’t find that lightswitch inside of her to switch “fun” to “on”. A girl who’s there, physically, but not contributing to the socialization, and not necessarily wanted. I relate to that feeling all too well, of wanting to have fun, to be fun, but not knowing how. What can she possibly say to this group of friends chatting? Nothing. You know?

I wish it was social anxiety in the script. Instead it’s just “I’m mad at Marco so this isn’t fun”. lol. Whatever. Anyway, so let’s talk about the clothes. First of all who tf goes to the beach in this? I gotta admire her commitment to the aesthetic though. El wears pigtail braids, a sleeveless collared shirt with crisscross tie down the front, mesh sleeves and arm warmers, a choker, a plaid skirt, leggings or pants underneath, and black wedge boots. And a big FROWN y’all! “I couldn’t let my HONEY come here by himself.” Girl, yes you could omg.

Kendra Mason Fashion 2.9

Mirror in the Bathroom
Aired: 2002

Kendra is wearing a little cap sleeve tee with like, a kissy lips design with it. She completes the 2000s look with chunky tennies, flare jeans, a choker, and a cross body bag.

Ellie Nash Fashion 2.8

Shout, Part 2
Aired: 2002

Ellie is just over here being cool af, smiling approvingly at PMS’s performance, wearing an elaborate hairstyle and what looks to be a leather vest with a choker. Then she praises them in person at school the next day, wearing a spikey necklace and black mesh top, with some pigtail kinda hair.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.5

: Weird Science
Aired: 2002

ashley 1.PNG

All I have for you today, is Ashley staring at Spinner’s boner. This is a theatre class moment so she’s wearing like, a sparkly mardi gras hat or something. We can also make out she’s got braids and a choker on.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

It’s an Ashley episode! Oh, this is great. Okay, so this episode focuses in on the aftermath of Ashley’s ecstasy night, which at this point was several months ago. She hurt a lot of feelings and is still generally shunned from the gang, except Terri, since all Ashley said to Terri was “I love your shirt, it’s so shiny like stars!”

This first outfit is definitely another glimmer of pre-goth imo. She wears black pants, a black 3/4 sleeve tee, a black choker, and some silver jewelry. She tries to casually ease her way back into a Paige conversation but gets shut down. But she proceeds to grovel the same day and starts to get her friends back on her side.

The next outfit we see is back at Ashley’s house. She’s in a good mood, talking about how well things are going now. She’s wearing some purple pants and a grey tank.

Then it’s school picture day! Ashley’s confidence is back. She’s got her hair twisted half up and wears an orange camo tank. Another appearance of colored camo, one of my favorite little trends of this era. She’s got on dark jeans with a button fly. I threw in this shot of her in a lab coat too. It’s so sad to see her walking with her head up again, only to be crushed once more. By the end of the day, things spiral back out of control and she’s donned a Degrassi Panthers sweatshirt for the school picture, accessorized with a tear running down her cheek.