Ellie Nash Fashion 3.16

Take on Me

Yay, we made it to the Breakfast Club episode! We get a lot of Ellie in her traditional colors. Here’s the detention outfit broken down from head to toe. Her hair is pulled half-up. She’s got several hoops in her ears, and a few chained, grommeted, and spiked necklaces. She wears a leather jacket atop a pink-ringed tank and a spiderweb mesh long sleeve. Around her wrists are studded sweatbands. She wears a pleated plaid skirt, black pants, and chunky black shoes. And of course, she carries her bag of secrets. She totally blows things with Sean and her reconciliation outfit is AWESOME, because I love Ellie in red. We don’t get to view the whole outfit from afar but it includes a red tee, jean skirt, and studded belt.


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