Ellie Nash Fashion 3.21

Our House

Heck yeah, prime Ellie fashion in a nice hefty gallery today. Have I said this before? I like Ellie and Sean together. It just works. Even though Ellie has a “bad” image but isn’t really a bad girl, whereas Sean IS a bad boy, I think they’re strangely compatible. She’s in her braids phase but I think it’s super cute. The first outfit, we are in the shadowy auto shop, so all I can really make out is a leather jacket and a lot of cool necklaces. The next outfit features those inside-out seams that are coming back as I write this. She layers a couple of tops over a mesh long sleeve. She also wears her “psycho-girl” back back and her Ellie wedge boots, with a jean skirt. The jean skirt has also come back, because people are like obsessed with “Y2K”. This NEXT outfit is serious. In the best way. A red and black tee over red mesh sleeves, complete with a red collar. And then she’s wearing what I like to call the patchwork British flag shirt, with a plaid skirt and that famous triple-grommet belt. Actually, these combinations aren’t really my favorite because I prefer when Ellie incorporates more vibrant colors, like that red. I don’t care about these white and pastel and floral accents.


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