Ellie Nash Fashion 4.4

Mercy Street

Oh yeah, I remember that Ellie is kinda questioning this ribbon campaign. There’s a lot to unpack there. She and Sean were like “Um no thanks.” It’s hard to say why. I mean, I guess they both thought it was better to simply not engage, to not get involved. Emma and friends were, seemingly, about REVENGE. And Sean and Ellie probably would have just been more content to ignore Rick’s existence. Then again, they weren’t close to Terri and probably weren’t privy to the whole story of her relationship to Rick. But… neither was Emma.

Oh, right, fashion. Ellie has these cute little hair clips and a side part. As someone who is her age, I feel like those weren’t cool at the time necessarily. Because that’s exactly how we’d wear our hair in elementary school in the 90s. So why would we do this in high school? These clips are exactly what I did when I was growing my bangs out in 2nd grade, ya know? However, I do like this, I do think it’s cute, and it has risen to become a modern trend – partly thanks to the e-girl aesthetic. So technically Ellie was way ahead of her time. She also wears her red collar and a chain necklace, and some dark striped top.


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