Danny Van Zandt Fashion 4.4

Mercy Street

First we briefly see Danny using an ironing board as a hot-tub diving board, wearing floral swim trunks that seem to be an eternal staple in the male human wardrobe. Then, he’s got a super baggy silhouette wearing these cargo pants, an oversized tee over a long sleeve tee. Oh yeah, also a sweatband and a slick watch. I had to throw in this shot of his fake ID as Gunther Von Eisenstadt. And the last outfit is just a grey tee and khaki cargo pants. It took a long time for Danny to grow on me. But over the years I have come to like him. I feel like…. hear me out… he had more personality in his younger years – like right now. And I will say the same for JT. I prefer young JT over older JT, and young Danny over newer Danny.


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