Ellie Nash Fashion 3.17

Don’t Dream it’s Over

Today I deliver to you loads of Ellie in one of her best fashion phases! So this is the episode where she’s a new girlfriend but doesn’t quite understand that being a girlfriend involves spending some alone time with the boyfriend. So let’s break down these ‘fits, shall we?

First, we have the FAMOUS Ellie side-pony for this entire episode. The first outfit is a black tank layered over black long sleeves, and accessorized with a statement belt and lots of spiky jewelry. I swear, this was my absolute dream wardrobe in high school. I didn’t quite have the resources to accomplish exactly that look but this is right up my alley. I forgot what the skirt is made of but it looks like tulle. I also got a shot of the back of her hair which features some braiding. I wonder if Ellie did that herself? Cuz we know her momma didn’t.

For the date, she wears an elegant long trench coat over a red blouse. The next fit is a zip up hoodie and some camo, over which we are again blessed with that trench. We also see the famous Ellie wedge boots. I swear, she is such a fashionista, I actually think it’s strange no one ever comments on her wardrobe.

And lastly, I just realized that the final outfit is… the same as the first outfit!


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